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Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path - Psalm 119 v 105


In other to lead a life that pleases The Lord our saviour, it is important for both new and established Christians to have a solid understanding of the Scripture i.e. the Bible. To this end, our Church holds regular Bible Study sessions where the knowledge of the Bible is thoroughly imparted to attendees. These Weekly Bible Study Sessions are coordinated by seasoned Bible teachers who have a deep understanding of the Scriptures and its implication as well as application to the Christian journey.

Our Bible Study coordinators and teachers are ever ready to answer your questions about the Word of God and to guide you on how to establish a personal Bible study time for yourself. Our Bible Study sessions are usually based on JCLI’s annual Bible Study Guide.

JCLI also holds an annual Bible Study Conference. The 2021 conference will hold on Saturday the 1st of May and will be an all-day event affording the Children of God lots of opportunity to discuss the scriptures and get clear answers to various questions bordering on the scriptures. See the following page for more information about this year’s conference.

Note that we also hold Bible Study Sessions during the annual My God Never Fails Convention and we invite you to take the opportunity of our annual convention to participate in these Bible study sessions. 

There is also an online (WhatsApp) JCLI Bible Study group where participants get to read and discuss a chapter of the Bible every day in sequential order. Kindly contact a Minister of God at the branch of JCLI nearest to your location or at JCLI headquarters on how to join this WhatsApp group.
To procure copies of this year’s Bible Study Guide, kindly contact the Media Bookshop at JCLI HQ or get in touch with a Minister of God at the branch of JCLI nearest to your location.

Upcoming Events

Monthly Night Vigil

Date: 07.30.2024 9:00 pm - 07.31.2024 7:00 am
Calendar: JCLI (Ile Ewe) Calendar
Ado Ekiti, Ekiti Nigeria
07.30.2024 9:00 pm - 07.31.2024 7:00 am
[JCLI (Ile Ewe) Calendar]
Monthly Night Vigil

The Monthly Night Vigil holds at the Church Headquarters in Ado-Ekiti. You are invited to this...
Capacity: Unlimited

The Monthly Night Vigil holds at the Church Headquarters in Ado-Ekiti. You are invited to this event where you will hear uplifting teachings on living a Christian life from The Lord our saviour as communicated through the Holy Spirit as well as receive deliverance from all trials and afflictions of this world. May The Lord bless you as you join us for these vigils.

Oluwa Temi Kii S'aseti (My God Never Fails) Annual Convention

Date: 08.25.2024 10:00 pm - 09.02.2024 8:00 am
Calendar: JCLI (Ile Ewe) Calendar
Capacity: 2000/2000

The annual Oluwa temi kii s'aseti (My God Never Fails) convention holds between the 25th of August and 1st of September every year at the church headquarters in Ado-Ekiti.
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